About us

Specializing in leather camera bags for women, SHUTTERbag provides female photographers with the option of a bag with style, function, and durability without compromise.

Founded in 2010, SHUTTERbag was started in Australia by Cherie Henderson.  In 2012 Kim Young signed on as the US distributor to help expand the company into a new market.  In 2013 Cherie made the difficult decision to shut down her Australian based business to spend more time with her family.  Kim bought the business name rights and continued selling bags through her business in the US.

SHUTTERbag is a small business and our customers are like family.  We know you have many options for camera bags and are honored you chose our bags.  We value your time and support.  Our excellent customer service proves that you are not just an order to us.  Welcome to the family!

About Kim:  Writing about yourself is always just so odd.  What do I say?  I am just a regular gal with a passion for photography.  I am also a wife and a mom.  My husband and I have three young children.  Two of them we had the old-fashioned way and our youngest entered our family through the foster care system.  We have been blessed to be able to adopt her and now we have the paperwork to match what our hearts have known all along…she is our daughter.  We have also reunified foster children with their birth families.  We have been truly blessed and we know all the glory goes to God for that.

My God, my family, and my beliefs are all very important to me.  So is my word.  I conduct my business just as if it were a store and we were chatting face to face.  {I am quite the chatterbox}  I value your time and your hard earned money.  I believe in providing a high quality product and backing it up with fantastic customer service. 

Feel free to contact me anytime. I am honored to have you here and would be proud to have  you as a customer!

Kim Young

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